Lech Am Arlberg - Winterwonderland

19 12 2013


This picture is from last year when it snowed early.

This years december is a lot warmer and we are still waiting for snow.

We will again spend a few days after Christmas in this beautiful mountain village in the Austrian alps.

The picture shows my favorite view from the slopes looking down on the village and the Omeshorn mountain.

It's late afternoon and the sunset spreads a few last golden moments. The slopes are quiet.

Everybody went back to the cabins after a day spent outside in the crisp air...

Time to read and play and to look forward to a delicious mountain dinner by the fire. 

So wonderful!

Lech am Arlberg Austrian Alps by lebenslustiger.com

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Happy Day,


Dreaming About A Round Table And The Thing With My Ears

03 12 2013

Ever since I re-pinned this picture on Pinterest I can't get it out of my head.

First i didn't even know why, besides that it just looks beautiful all over with the Eames chairs and the large light.

But then it became clear to me: It's because of the round table.

round table

I envision communication must be so nice sitting at a round table, right?

You can see everybody much better compare to a square table and in my dream I can also hear everybody much better.

I am severely hearing impaired. 

I lost my right hearing a few years ago and "gained" a constant tinnitus.

Ever since, communication - especially with more the one person at a time - is challenging for me.

Partys and concerts are difficult. Because of the all over sound I can't hear the person directly talking to me. Same with larger dinner settings at home or at friends.

I did try different hearing aids but the sound was always quite artificial and the wearing cumbersom.

I probably need to invest more time and energy finding the right device but since I am o.k. during the day with my family, I haven't done it yet.

I also needed quite some time/years to finally accept, that my hearing is really gone.

The lost happened overnight. I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in my right ear, took a painkiller and went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, the world was spinning and my hearing was gone, a constant tinnitus was hammering in my head. It was absolutely horrible.

I did go to see doctors but I didn't go immediately to the hospital for sudden hearing loss which was probably a big mistake. Even though I have been later told that there wouldn't had been help or a cure anyway. It was very surprising to learn, that - compare to other body parts - very little is known and possible about the ears medicinal. And it makes sense, because you just can't open it up and take a look what's wrong. Even scans have limitations.

I think I just couldn't believe and grasp, that something so major and which such consequences would happen to me. And that it would last. Forever.

Because I have always been - and actually still are - a big believer in the self-healing capacities of the body. 

Well - back to the round table! 

Maybe it's an illusion that I'm able to hear better in a round setting but I would love to have a large round dinner table for the new apartment.

We currently have a long, quite narrow square one which sits 8 to 10 people. I could use that one as my new desk/work table...and then...

I already talked to a wood person because it's rare to find a larger round table ready made. 

I will let you know, what happens...

If you have experiences with a larger, round table PLEASE let me know, because there is barely any information out there.


Happy Day,


Getting Cozy...

14 11 2013

Larch twig decoration, Lärchenzweig Deko

With the recent time change the afternoons are much darker already.

It's time for candles...

Today we lightened 14 Birthday candles on a cake! 

Happy Birthday to my son Olv - it seems just like yesterday, that he was born!

I remember snuggling my newborn baby after he was just born. We both were in a bed near a window in the hospital room.

I gazed outside and it softly started to snow.

A beautiful magical moment I will never ever forget... 

Such sweet memories... 

I just wish, time wouldn't run that fast...

Happy (Birth) Day,


What others do today over @ Nic's

At Home

16 09 2013 Thinking About

copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell

Katja from Raumfee hosts a wonderful series with the topic: At home

Every day for several weeks now she invited a blogger to interpret the topic.

It's amazing to read all these personal and individual stories. 

I also got a turn:

"At home is always somewhere else"

I love to travel because I love change, adventure and inspiration.

I actually dream about to spent a whole year traveling but my family is not excited about an adventure of such kind. 

It also wouldn't be an easy thing to pull off because german children have to attend school by law.

That means for now traveling can only happen during school breaks.

Luckily we were able to live abroad for a while and I will always cherish the years we spent in California.

Four years ago we relocated back to northern Germany. We moved into an furnished old village school house owned by a friend.

It was meant to be a temporarily location but turned into a longer stay until present.

Over the years more and more of our personal stuff moved in but still, it never really turned into "my home".

I always knew, we will move again - sooner or later - and that kept me from connecting with the heart.

So for now I just define "At Home" not with a location but with a few items I like to have around me for wellbeing - next to family and pets of course!

A cozy chair - a handwork project - flowers - a piece I brought home from afar (represented by the branch) - some decoration (I like copper and the plus-sign right now...)

copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell copper and sheepskin, Kupfer und Schaffell

And later in the year I will add a new location to the "At Home-Feeling": We will move into this apartment.

And there it is: Change and adventure...EXCITING!

Happy Day and many thanks to dear Katja for the invitation.


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