Cold and flu fighting chili elexir

20 11 2011 DIY

I am grateful - we have been blessed with great health this year.

Even the start of the colder winterish season didn't bring a cold so far.

So - when I found these beautiful chili varieties at the farmers market last week...  

... it made me think of a magic immune-boosting cold and flu fighting elixir I once heard about.

I definitely will give it a try to support my body further against winter's nasty flu and cold bugs.

Chilis contain next to many vitamins and minerals CAPSAICIN and this makes

those little hotties from natures powerhouse extra effective.

It stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the respiratory tract and speeds

up blood circulation. Due to it's heat producing properties it is also used for pain relief.

Here comes the recipe for this all natural elixir:

  • 2 cups Water
  • 2 or more slices of chili
  • 6-10 or more  thicker slices of ginger
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • optional:
  • 3 garlic gloves
  • half an onion
  • 8-10 sprigs of thyme

Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat and add the chosen ingredients.

Let infuse for 10 min or more, strain, add some honey to taste, STAY OR GET WELL and ENJOY!!!

Oh - I also love them as a spicy Christmas decoration...


21 09 2011 Thinking About

What on earth is THAT???

It's the word marriage of two activities i recently tried out.

Boßeln and Geocaching.

'Boßeln' is like Bowling...

Without a roof over your head 

Without the finger holes in the heavy ball

Without pins to knock over 

Without a place to order food or drinks - so, you bring your own 

Without rules whatsoever ( at least, in our case...)


With a lot of FUN!

And for Geocaching - I'm sure, you have heard about it but maybe haven't tried it yet like me - it's the 21st century version of outdoor treasure hunting using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.You will be amazed, because most likely there will be several caches hidden right in your neighborhood and everywhere else in the world. YES, even in my remote countryside! 

Really fun - especially for " I hate walking" kids of all ages... Some caches can be tricky to find...pen, paper and creative thinking are good things to bring on this kind of adventure and reading the 'hint' might come in handy as well...

As life itself - it's the process that counts...

So, do yourself and your Neuropathways a favor and say: YES! to unfamiliar and unusual situations. Embrace life!

There are so many colorful little and big adventures life offers without needing to be hurtful to you, yours or your budget.

Once in a while or why not every day? -  leave the same old pathways in your brain and, for example, literally just take a new route on your way to places.

I always discover or notice a little treasure if i take a different route: could be a special tree or someone's well decorated entrance, a fun looking new shop on a corner or the friendly old lady smiling at her dog...

If you love words then don't be shy and let social media become your playground. Become a fan of authors, artists, organizations, businesses or public persons you are interested in - send a message or leave a wall post with your praise, blame or burning question and in no time you can have an exhilarating, blossoming conversation with fun people who are generally hard to get a hold of in non virtual life.


Yogatta do some swimming

21 08 2011

Oh have i been longing to go to a great yoga class for more than a year now!

Since we moved to a remote little country village in northern Germany, my yoga class mates are:

- a mat

- one to three cats watching me and this mat

- music

That's it!

So, for the time I'm visiting Santa Barbara, I try to escape to a yoga class in my favorite studio as often as possible to spark and renew my motivation and to seek fun ideas and inspirations for my home practice.

Well - big surprise!

While I was gone, many yoga teachers in this town have miraculously changed into swim teachers these days.

(For following this article it's important that you keep in mind that I did NOT attended a single Bikram yoga class while visiting Santa Barbara and that you remember, it's August in Southern California while I'm writing this...)

The teacher heats the room to a sauna-like temperature, takes great care that all windows and doors are securely shut and starts guiding- already breathless- yogis through 50+ Chaturangas on their slippery mats who try to keep up while diving through puddles and lakes built of their own SWEAT.

I do understand, that it might be beneficial to release toxins with the sweat and experience a "deeper" practice with those already half cooked muscles BUT is that REALLY fun???


I need FRESH air! Yoga is about LIBERATION!

Let's go to the beach - AHHHH - what a wonderful, refreshing and FREE feeling...

Sometimes you have to take a BIG jump and free yourself from what everybody else is doing and thinking.

Find YOUR 'mojo' and restore your inner freedom.

Locally grown

19 07 2011 Market day

 Hawai'i is the newest of the 50 US states (since 1959) and just like in big Mama country, one can find burgers and fries on every - o.k. friends - second corner.

That fact generates an interesting question : WHAT to eat then???

Easy answer: Raw foods!!!

Next to famous Ahi 'Poke' - raw tuna marinated with soy sauce, spices, onions or seaweed - and shops who cater to the ambitious raw food enthusiasts with raw pizza, crackers and more good stuff like this raw coconut lime cake,

i personally think, delicious fresh fruit is THE way to go on the islands!

Fruit in tropical abundance - locally grown pineapples ( Hawai'i is also known as the 'Pineapple-State'),

locally grown Mangoes (growing on REALLY tall, big trees),

and - my favorite - locally grown Papayas (extremely enzyme rich),

as well as locally grown lilikoi,




just to name a very few.....

Did you actually know, that the black Papaya seeds are edible?

Their look not only reminds of black Peppercorns - their taste does too!

You could actually dry and grind them for a Pepper replacement. Here on the islands, they like to make a really tasty papaya-seed-salad-dressing.

I just love to eat a few of them along with the golden, soft - oh so yummy - flesh right out of the skin. HMMMM......

Food is ready.....