How I Became An Interior Dealer - Loving HK Living

18 11 2013

By searching for interior additions to our new space 

I feel in love with Dutch company HKliving!

( I also asked you for your secret tips here and thanks so much for responding via comments and e-mails!!!

I discovered quite a few new treasures!)   

This round hanging chair looks amazing, don't you think?

I also like their unique lighting, textiles and accessories.

They really put a creative and "different" spin on their collection.

If you like, you can see their new catalogue here

HKliving HKliving

HKliving HKliving

But when I tried to find a dealer here in Germany to order from I found out, that there are only a few who carry HKliving products

and of those few none would carry the specific items I wanted...

So I contacted them directly in the Netherlands and they offered me to become a dealer myself!

Let me know, if you are interested in their products and I can send you the price-list.

More inspirations I found last week:

Also a beautiful (online) store based in the UK: White Punch

And another UK based business! Would you actually put a wallpaper on to create an old and worn look? I think it looks amazing on the picture but how will it look in real?

I want one!!! Genius idea!!!

Just so cozy... and I love their philosophy.

More absolutely beautiful stuff from France

Ok Ok - I HAVE to stop...

Happy Day,


Beautiful Dishes From Anthropologie

09 09 2013
Anthropologie dishes, Geschirr von Anthropologie

Please click onto "continue reading" below to see many more beautiful dishes.

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FFF - Blue And Sand

19 07 2013

1.) I love... blue and sand tones at the moment - might be influenced by the Blue Hour
2.) I am thankful... that those rugs are too large for my suitcase :-)
3.) I wish... more shops would offer such a beautiful gift wrapping paper...
4.) I (maybe) need... one of those oriental Hamam bath towles.
5.) I will did... buy this little booklet!

blue and sand colors, Blau und Sandtöne blue and sand colors, Blau und Sandtöne

blue and sand colors, Blau und Sandtöne blue and sand colors, Blau und Sand Töne

blue and sand colors, Blau und Sand Töne blue and sand colors, Blau und Sand Töne

More FFF's always Friday @Steffi's 


Happy Weekend,


Thank you very much to PORCH for letting me photograph their beautiful items. Please check back - PORCH will soon have a web-shop!!! 

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Sweet Paul Spring Issue

03 03 2013

Weekend - Sun - Spring

...and the new german issue of Sweet Paul Magazine in my mail box.

It couldn't get any better!!!

Gorgeous food styling, fun DIY's and lovely people to meet.

I especially love the cake recipes and a beautiful story about violets by my favorite german stylist Dietlind Wolf.

If you are not already familiar with her work please visit her site - it is absolutely stunning!

And I really liked Paul's color-salat-story. It is amazing what colorful vegetables and fruits nature provides for us to play with...

Aren't those paper wax flowers cute? I will definitely try to Diy some too.There is a full tutorial in the magazine.

This issue will be available for purchase from March 5th on - many thanks to Sweet Paul Germany for providing a free subscription.

Happy Sunday,


P.S. Also, the new Sister Mag issue 6 just went online and it is jam-packed with great stories, too :-)