11 04 2013

Literally translates to "joke-cookie" and in Germany means someone, who is or acts funny in a special way. Often used with an ironic undertone.

I am really not sure, if there is an english word or phrase for this.

Please let me know, if so.

O.k. - looking at this sheep I would say we have more of an involuntary "joke-cookie" here.

funny sheep

But who knows for sure, right?

Maybe a sheep with humor?

But definitely an excellent, smart, fast and fun technique to change direction if you are a sheep on a levee.

Speaking of fun:

Today I read the following blog description I found in the net:

"A blog about horses, flowers and deco with enormous pictures."

They were talking about me! :) 

Now I finally know what to answer if I get asked what i actually do on this blog thing.

"Hello - my name is Anette and I blog about horses, flowers and deco. With enormous pictures."

By the way: I really think, it is not o.k. that they forgot to mention my lovely sheep friends, don't you think as well?

"Welcome to - your trusted happy little farm blog. Please take a seat on one of our 

nicely decorated hay bales and enjoy the ride." 

Happy Day - more "joke-cookies" @ Nic today.


Do You Love Sheep?

03 04 2013

Of course I didn't went up North to bring you just one picture of my beloved sheep friends...

Sheep in stable at the north coast of Germany

sheep in stable little lamb in stable

little lamb and mother sheep little lamb

little lamb and mother sheep

sheep family

black sheep

Aren't they adorable and so full of character?

I just love them!

Happy Day,