Monday Inspirations

04 11 2013

pumpkin by, Kürbis

pumpkin by, Kürbis

This Light - of course with copper!

Or a selfmade Koushi Light .

Lot's and lot's of more ideas to make

I wonder, how these traditional swedish plastic rugs feel to the touch? Thinking to order a runner for our new long hallway.

Plastic sounds so bad, right?

And I really love wool. This rug  is from Patrick Urquiola. Of course you can't compare the costs...

Attention Fleurop - new kid on the block

Art ART Art for your wall - also on wallpaper and from your own pictures!

This is ALL I want...

Happy Monday,


Monday Inspirations

28 10 2013

We absolutely enjoyed this last October weekend and tried to catch as much last golden bits of light as we could.

Today it's windy and big heavy raindrops are falling from a grey sky.

November is near... 

Kite flying in autumn, Drachensteigen im Herbst

Have a good start into the week with a few more inspirations:

Don't sacrifice pleasure - Inspiration pur...

No pressure! - Ha Ha Ha... love this quote!

La poubelle Merci - puh, expensive...

Great pictures - great Interior Syling

Sympathic Family Business!

rikiki - I love a lot here...

How can you run such an amazing food blog in the south of France and still be size 0??? It's a miracle to me... :)

Happy Day,


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