Majorca - Calm Balearic Island

21 08 2014

The Balearic Islands are diverse. Beautiful mountain ranges, hidden coves, wide bays - sometimes with wild waves :-)

You can party all day but you can also find calm serene spots for meditation.

Especially in the early hours.

I took these pictures on my morning walk with an iPhone 5s.

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands

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Majorca - Wild Balearic Island

18 08 2014

Majorca - located in the Mediterranean Sea - is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago in Spain.

We have been there many times, because it's just a two hour flight from our home and the island is really beautiful for the largest parts.

In old times it was called "Island of Calm" but now many tourists come here. But if you avoid the touristic centers you can still find nice places.

This time we just wanted to swim and relax and stayed in Alcudia.

I was rarely online and just posted a bit on my Instagram.

Usually there are just some gentle waves in Alcudia in the afternoon but last week we had a day where it was windy and the ocean turned wild. 

Our kids - 11 and 14 years old - loved it! 

They are both good swimmers but we stayed close to the shore this afternoon so they could stand all the time.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX AW100.

Attention - it's going to be wet....

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

Alcudia Mallorca

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Whats Missing At The Moment?

09 06 2014

NOTHING!!! :-)

We had a long holiday weekend over here in Germany and today is still a free day for many.

But the best part: We have amazing weather right now with temperatures over 30 degree.

Even without a beach it feels very much like summer vacation.

We enjoy the deck in our new apartment - though it's not completely finished yet.

Once it will be all done i will you show you pictures of our outdoor space.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy some photoblast from the past I shoot on Hawaii:

A quiet early morning from a vacation at Wailea Beach Maui...

Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii

Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii

Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii

Wailea Beach Maui Hawaii

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Travel Plans 2014

24 03 2014

I have to admit: I am quite exhausted after our recent move.

I can't believe all this stuff we managed to pile up in the last four years after relocating from California.

I gave a lot away before the move but we still have so many boxes left. We already filled again two large storage rooms in the cellar of the new space!

I wouldn't want to go on a vacation right away since there is still so much exciting work to do in the new apartment like choosing lampshades and decorating, but I love to dream up some destinations we could go visit later this year.

I am inspired by other bloggers lists here but with the cost of the move we probably won't do any big overseas trips this year.

Last year around this time we went to the north cost of Germany and visited the island of Sylt.

We had rented a cute little house together with my brother and my sister in law and their Golden Retriever "Chaney"

It was totally fun and we really want to do it again this year. 

HouseTrip for example offers a great selection of vacation rentals worldwide and also rentals at the North Sea for dog owners, because "Chaney" doesn't like to travel too long to a destination. She hates driving the car - even just the three hours from our town up to the cost.

Fernweh Nordsee Fernweh Nordsee

The beaches and waves can be amazing on the north cost of Germany - very inviting for long beach walks.

Fine white sand and beautiful dunes. Lot's of wind and fresh air.

And afterwards a yummy seafood dinner :) 

Fernweh Nordsee

Sylter Stadtgeflüster in Westerland is a great restaurant offering homemade food. The interior is cozy and inviting decorated in Long Island style.

They also offer freshly baked cakes and cupcakes for afternoon tea. Unfortunately I learned about this place after our trip last year, but I heard only good reviews about it.

So, we definitely need to go to this island again!

What about you?

Do you have travel plans for 2014?

Do you like to go really far away or do you like road trips and destinations close to your home?

I would love to hear about your travel plans! 

Happy Monday,


P.S. Thanks a lot to HouseTrip for the cooperation in this post.