Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn Now Available In My Shop

06 05 2014

I already told you a few weeks ago that I really love the "Big Knits".

And I still do! A lot! 

The big grey blanket is finished and once I have photographed it, I will show it here on the blog.

Meanwhile I placed an order with Loopy Mango from New York because I had an eye on their Big Loop Merino Yarn for a while now.

It finally arrived here in Germany and the yarn is just gorgeous!!! 

So soft and the colors are beyond my expectation. It was such a joy to unpack the parcel.

I ordered a few more of these gigantic skeins and though I actually would love to keep them all to myself I am trying to be brave here and put some in my DaWanda Shop.

One skein is 40 oz with approximately 120 yards and you knit or crochet this yarn with needle or hook size 25mm.

The skein comes with instructions for a beautiful little blanket called the “Nantucket Throw".

My family is crazy about this throw and everyone wants it to get cozy on the sofa or balcony. It has the perfect size to cover and warm your legs or to wrap it around the shoulders.




lebenslustiger.com lebenslustiger.com

lebenslustiger.com lebenslustiger.com

If you are interested in different colors from the Big Loop Merino collection  than the ones I picked just let me know and I can order them.

This yarn is hard to obtain in Germany.

Also please let me know if you want to be put on the e-mail list for future "Big Knits Workshops" in my studio. 

Happy Day,


DIY: Easy Wooly Flower - Headband

25 03 2014

End of last week I played a bit with carnations.

My lovely daughter joined in.

DIY easy wooly headband with fresh flowers, Elfenkrone selbstgemacht

Poor girl - she had to stay home from school for a week dealing with a really bad flu-like cold and fever for many days. 

It was a hard week for both of us because she loves her weekly rhythm with lots of sports, activities and friends.

Not being able to do any of this and being tied to the sofa made her even more miserable.

The day I brought home the carnations was the first day she was feeling better.

I was so glad to finally see her smiling and having rosy cheeks again!

We came up with this super simple to make headband. So cute and romantic...

DIY easy wooly headband with fresh flowers, Elfenkrone selbstgemacht DIY easy wooly headband with fresh flowers, Elfenkrone selbstgemacht

In case you like to make one too you'll need:

 - 3,5 meter merino wool roving and some fresh flowers to decorate the headband

Leaving a tail of about 40cm roving simply chain the wool with your fingers until desired length around the head is reached.

Tie both tails together with a knot and then another knot.

Cut the flower stems short and weave them into the wooly chain.

That's all.

DIY easy wooly headband with fresh flowers, Elfenkrone selbstgemacht DIY easy wooly headband with fresh flowers, Elfenkrone selbstgemacht

After we were done playing with the headband I stored it on a wall hook and by now - a few days later - the flowers have beautifully dried up and the headband makes a nice decoration...

Happy Day,


P.S. Today is Creadienstag

Square Bunny Knit Pattern 2

12 03 2013 DIY

Is it possible to knit an even more simple Bunny than the one that hopped thru my blog last week?

Yes, it is! :-)

Just knit a square in Garter stitch - any size you like.

I used grey mohair and doubled the thread.

(I am so lucky: always having helping paws at my side...)

square knit pattern bunny

Mark a triangle in one half of your square and with a middle size running stitch stitch along this shape.

Make sure to leave extra thread at the beginning and end of the running stitch because you will pull those endings.

Before you pull tight, fill the little bunny head with some wool or other stuffing.

Then secure with some knots.

See - it already looks cute... 

square knit pattern bunny square knit pattern bunny

Now stitch down the back. Fill the body with some more wool and close the seam all the way.

square knit pattern bunny

Then i did another running stitch up the back and pulled gently to form the body. Make a couple stitches at the neck to secure.

Shape those fluffy ears a bit to your liking and also secure with a few stitches. 

square knit pattern bunny

And now for the tail: I had planned a glitter-bobble but little grey bunny refused to hop along with that idea...

Oh well - It is fine with me.

See - already found something more appealing.

Off you go...sweet little fellow!

Knitted Bunny Tutorial

Happy Day,


Today is Creadienstag and Bunny is also hopping over to visit Natasha in Oz and Petals to Picots!YAY!

Cozy Sunday

10 03 2013

It is snowing and snowing and snowing outside...

We will all cuddle up on the sofa! 

Wishing you a Cozy Sunday,


P.S. I LOVE my new Tumblr