Rituals - Roots And Wings Included

26 04 2012

Before the day starts I do yoga every morning!


I TRY to do Yoga every morning... 

It's actually so much easier to do it every morning as a ritual, because then these stupid conversations inside your head, whether this or that would be more urgent to do than doing yoga, are simply swept under the mat. 

Yoga IS goodforyouandyourbodyandyourhealthandtheuniverse - so let's do it!

With Yogis Anonymous or Yoga Easy or a great DVD or in your favorite yoga studio or just you and yourself - everything works - and with regularity comes ritual.

According to Constanze Kleis, rituals can give us something truly amazing: roots and wings simultaneously. Psychologist figured out the true potential of rituals. They are a sort of base camp for feelings and are identified as the most important stabilizing factor in families as well as bringing forth and fostering creativity, imagination and awakening.


Well - that's totally worth it, right?

Do you have any rituals?