Mantra Meaning And Musing Part 1

19 04 2012 Jewelry/Schmuck

When I moved from southern California to a rural village in northern Germany, my yoga classmates transformed from Hollywood celebrities and world-class teachers to cats and computers.

Also, lately there is definitely a lack of Mantras going on during my every day morning practice...One scraggy breathed "Om" along the hardwood floors...Spirituality? - are you there???

Well - uhm - I just keep warming up then for now...

....and show you three of my favorite Mantras: 

'So Hum':Symbolizes life's steady rhythm and energy. Breathing in, the sound 'soooo' emanates - breathing out the sound 'hummm' leaves the body. Easy to hear without even saying the words. Just consciously breathe through the nose and there it is...

'Om Namaste': 'Om' THE cosmic ur-sound, applied since thousands of years to harmonize body, soul and spirit and to manifest oneness and connectedness within each and everything. 'Namaste' - I'm sure you know - is a greeting- and worship gesture and symbolizes as well all-embracing oneness.

'Om Mani Padme Hum': 'Om' and 'Hum' stand for beginning and end; 'Mani Padme' invokes the Absolute. Freely interpreted it's a Mantra for Wisdom and Compassion.

Next time I'll show you three more mantras.

Usually mantras are sung or recited at the beginning and end of a yoga session. That could be a "simple" 'Om' or more elaborate and longer Sanskrit texts or chants. Unfortunately that's already too much for some. Too much Spirituality - too much Meditation - too much weirdness - to much yoga fuss...

Everyone needs to make up it's own mind - for me it's actually not too important to know the exact meaning or translation of a mantra - I just welcome and embrace these magical, strange sounds and words with an open mind. It's about taking in it's awesome sound energy: Invigorating, harmonizing and relaxing!

Actually all forms of singing are pleasant, comforting and really healthy. Even the planets are humming in certain frequencies! Do you hear the beat under your feet??? :)


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