More barefoot stuff - the beginning

13 05 2011 Happy World

It's hard to start.... cold, cold asphalt - stones hurting feet. The six bare-footers did not see that coming on their hike through the HARZ national park....Hiking barefoot, exploring nature with all senses - they had hoped for mud and moss!

"Feel civilization - feel the way man made his paths" says Herman Martens, biologist of the national park. It's all about feeling and sensing your surroundings." Feel the earth under the soles of your feet. Feel, how your toes are pushing the grass blades out of the way, how your skin is getting rosier and starts to prickle." Bare feet slide through shallow puddles, jump into icy-cold streams, dancing joyfully and happy through the mud. Berry thorns poke, roots and twigs push, blueberry bushes scratch.... But then.... finally.... soft, moist, oh so comforting moss - gently soothing this exhilarating adventure.

Barefoot hikes, barefoot trails, barefoot parks are sprouting everywhere. You see people running , getting their groceries or eating out bare feet.

It is an phenomenon of our have-everything society. Only after the experience of all the comfort of a protecting, warm shoe is taken for granted one can decide to liberate oneself of it.

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This text got its inspiration from the HAZ