Does This Sound Familiar To You?

25 06 2012 Thinking About

The other day I stumbled over the following sentences at Biancas' blog "Wohnlust":

"You know, my blog kind of doesn't existst for my close friends. Even my girlfriends never talk about it! It's practically hushed. They never ask me about it or give me feedback - they probably never visit the blog anyway. I have no idea why. Maybe no interest. What a bummer and actually really sad."

Wow - I had to take a deep breath - because, that DID sound familiar to me.

Of course not all my close friends are that kind of special regarding my blog - there are sweet ones who would say "hi" in comments and ask me about the blog and are interested in it. Or the stressed ones who really have barely a spare minute. Or the quiet ones, who - from time to time would send an e-mail or a card to let me know, how much they like to read my blog. But the rest: SILENCE! 

girl hugging tree and logging at it

Why is that? Does it sound familiar to you, too ??? 

I actually liked Bianca's powerful reaction: 

"If my girlfriend had a blog - and supposed I like that blog - I would:

a) show up on her blog regulary

b) always leave a comment to support her work and show my appreciation 

c) shower her with compliments

d) want all the beautiful pictures she shows on her blog

e) tell everyone about this awesome blog! 

 But anyway -  doesn't matter -  I might be different... "

hug a tree

Well - I agree - it doesn't matter much - no big deal.

But I definitely think, that there should be more praise amongst each other. So vital and it doesn't cost anything!

I'm sure, you do a thousand different little and big things during your day. Some will turn out great - some just don't...

But you do your best anyway and that is AWESOME.


I am happy because YOU are here right now in this very moment. Thank you.


XOXO, Anette