Window Weirdness

18 07 2012 DIY

I think, we are quite suspicious for many villagers here in the remote country side of Germany. 

We both work out of a home office and that's - let's say it nicely - a bit 'unusual' because people around here have an 8-5 job.

That's what you do if you are 'normal' and having a REAL job!!!

In addition we are often gone for weeks in a row during breaks. And we have no blinds. That's - 'unusual'... 

Indeed somebody anonymously reported me to the tax office questioning my income tax!

Tsk Tsk Tsk ... :)

If they would only suspect that we - in addition to the daily working hours -  even spent most evenings or night hours at the computer or workshop...

Anyway - but now I blew it completely:

I doodled ON my windows!!!

With this pen

Oh my - I can't help it - I might be the village weirdo :) :) :)

XOXO, Anette