Favorite Places

17 08 2012 Thinking About

More favorite places are collected at "Hunger Pipi Langeweile" today.

Oh yes - I have a constantly growing list of favorite places - from my children's beds to exotic destinations! 

In fact almost any place has the potential to become a favorite place for me because I always appreciate to discover something new, exciting and interesting. And with mindfulness, a sense of wonder, gratitude and a positive attitude there will be fun adventures everywhere no matter if a place is right around the corner or very far away.

I'm often juggling life doing ten things at the same time - I'm sure, you do that to - and if life gets really crazy I'm longing to visit one very special favorite place; A different world free of all distractions where nothing else seems to matter...


It is so incredibly calm and peaceful under water - the resistance slows down my movements and gives me a free, floating slow motion feeling. I listen only to my evenly breath while fully taking in this amazing indescribable beauty.

Have you ever tried snorkeling or scuba diving?

XOXO, Anette