Green, Green, Green

24 04 2011 Thinking About

Not only is the german political landscape getting greener and greener with the green party reaching the highest scores ever in their history and green energies solutions coming to reality - the whole countryside in front of my home turned green in the last couple days!

Reasons enough to look a little deeper into this green affair and see, what it can do for us...

GREEN makes you happy!

Scientists found out, that with a little outside exercise of 45min, your brain gets flooded by masses of endorphins. Even a 5min outside break in a green surrounding will raise your self- respect and your mood.

GREEN makes you beautiful!

Houseplants raise the moisture content of the air and that helps prevent wrinkles.Also, have a green smoothie every day.

GREEN makes you smart!

American students , who were allowed to study in a green room, had much higher scores then the students who studied in other colored rooms.

GREEN relaxes you!

The color green stimulates the same area of the brain which gets stimulated in a person practicing meditation.

So, the goal will be:

Have fun bringing more GREEN into your life!