Green, Green, Green

24 04 2011 Thinking About

Not only is the german political landscape getting greener and greener with the green party reaching the highest scores ever in their history and green energies solutions coming to reality - the whole countryside in front of my home turned green in the last couple days!

Reasons enough to look a little deeper into this green affair and see, what it can do for us...

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Moving to Serendipity

08 04 2011 Happy World
              I am switching my blog to a much nicer blogging software (ehhmm - so not quite me, but Olv is doing that for me...). This will make my blog postings so much nicer, cooler and betterer :) And I'll be able to post stuff much easier and have more control over the placement of those bloody pictures that otherwise appear where ever they want. Darned little beasts..