Yogatta do some swimming

21 08 2011

Oh have i been longing to go to a great yoga class for more than a year now!

Since we moved to a remote little country village in northern Germany, my yoga class mates are:

- a mat

- one to three cats watching me and this mat

- music

That's it!

So, for the time I'm visiting Santa Barbara, I try to escape to a yoga class in my favorite studio as often as possible to spark and renew my motivation and to seek fun ideas and inspirations for my home practice.

Well - big surprise!

While I was gone, many yoga teachers in this town have miraculously changed into swim teachers these days.

(For following this article it's important that you keep in mind that I did NOT attended a single Bikram yoga class while visiting Santa Barbara and that you remember, it's August in Southern California while I'm writing this...)

The teacher heats the room to a sauna-like temperature, takes great care that all windows and doors are securely shut and starts guiding- already breathless- yogis through 50+ Chaturangas on their slippery mats who try to keep up while diving through puddles and lakes built of their own SWEAT.

I do understand, that it might be beneficial to release toxins with the sweat and experience a "deeper" practice with those already half cooked muscles BUT is that REALLY fun???


I need FRESH air! Yoga is about LIBERATION!

Let's go to the beach - AHHHH - what a wonderful, refreshing and FREE feeling...

Sometimes you have to take a BIG jump and free yourself from what everybody else is doing and thinking.

Find YOUR 'mojo' and restore your inner freedom.

I love wool - reloaded

13 08 2011 DIY

Here comes one of my favorite items found in a local store in Santa Barbara: 

OH - WAIT.....

I meant......THIS one here: 

Found at 'LOOP and LEAF' - a wool paradise! 

(Did i already tell you that i LOVE wool???)

Located in a charming little house on a quiet little corner just a few blocks off busy, busy State street - but in a complete different universe.

It's the sacred universe of women sitting and working together on their creative projects. 

Chatting, sharing, laughing, consoling, supporting, helping, indulging while enjoying the miracle of progress.

A wonderful, tribal - like way to connect with each other.

When my children were young, my friends and i had a hand-working circle and it was such a nurturing place to be for us as well as for our children around us who felt our vibe, power and joy while engaging in an ancient women's tradition.

Well, as much as i love the great atmosphere in the shop, i love to check out the wool, too......

The vibrant colors, the earthy ones, thick and robust varieties, super delicate and feather-like yarns; artsy combinations - esthetic wonders........ 

I usually leave the store with just a small amount of some pretty yarn to make a little scarf or some mittens - just enough to keep the memory going of all the great designs i just devoured.


You say, i would never put those on my feet???

Just say: "I dare you...."