17 10 2011 Market day

Who are YOU? 

Dear readers - please let your fingers fly over the keys, because is looking forward to YOUR comments entered for a raffle!

Thanks to my dear friends of SONNENTOR , we have a wonderful yummy GIVEAWAY!

Do strawberries, corn flowers, roses, lavender and vanilla blossom bring you and your senses in a blissful state of being? 

Can't you just not get enough of springs and summers bountiful scents and flavors?

Would you actually love to put a little, sunny, flowery hood over autumn's and winter's darker moments? 

Then I think, Sonnentor has just the right thing for you! 

A fabulous new delicious spice-blossom-preparation called "Blütenhäubchen" (means: little flower hood): Cheerful like a beautiful bouquet with it's pink and blue colors and sweet as love itself!

Super pretty and delicious on desserts, yogurt, cupcakes, milk foam,......

...or just licked right from your hand - HEAVENLY AROMATIC!


are you more the soul who looks forward to the days getting shorter and calmer and to cozy afternoons spent at the fireplace? Do you like to sit back, dream and let cardamom, cinnamon, allspice and ginger take you on a flying carpet to the mystical East?

Then SONNENTOR's magical "Chai-kiss" from 1000 and one night will be perfect for you!

Hmmm - what a delicious refinement for milk, cocoa, tea and coffee. On rice pudding, ice cream, or cookies and in all else that could yet be crowned by a spicy magic kiss!

Both new sweet spice flower preparations are, like all produkts of Sonnentor, organically grown and created with lots of sunny cheerful devotion.

So - PLEASE let us know -  what direction is to YOUR taste?

Or, are you like me and fell spontaneously in love with both kinds?

Even better, because with a little luck and your comment left at the end of this post, you could soon enjoy these two creative products as well as an EXTRA surprise treasure from SONNTOR

EVERYBODY is invited to participate - we will ship the present WORLDWIDE - so this is THE chance to get a SONNENTOR product if it is not YET available for purchase in your home country!


Foodblogs and other great culinary delights

09 10 2011 Market day

Look at this Chard... 

Isn't it just FANTASTIC???

...intense colors in...

...exciting combinations with...

...diverse leaf formations for...

...endless possibilities - this time, onion, potatoes, red lentils and spices to taste are ready to jump into a pot for a soup creation which will turn out...

...YUMMY; well - the soup really turned out yummy - BUT - cooking unfortunately is harsh to those incredible, magical colors... 

And since I usually show my pictures in their pure and raw state without any photo shop adjustments, I had to decide against the 'after cooking' pics... had just started drooling?

Don't be sad - here are some awesome, faboulus food blogs with incredible mouthwatering pictures for you! 

green kitchen stories


smitten kitchen

Cucina Piccina



You can find even more at BRIGITTE - my all time favorite women's magazine. They run a monthly food blog award program right now and will name the overall best food blog at the end of the year.

O.k. - have to run...warm soup is waiting....