Be Beautiful

13 01 2012 Market day

Luck for Sale!


FARFALLA  (means Butterfly in italian) a swiss based company with a wonderful philosophy dedicated to organic skin care makes it possible for you: Luck in a jar!

Feels great on my skin, has a very light and yummy scent of vanilla, cocoa and bergamot and definitely holds up to what the description says: rosy cheeks with a special glow - without any make up or frosty exposure...

Here is, what FARFALLA says about this NaTrue certified product:  

be beautiful

for care with a beautiful special “feel good” factor

1. Gives a radiant “newly in love“ appeal.
2. Vitalises skin in stress situations.
3. Protects skin from damaging environmental influences.
4. Added shimmer particles conceal blemishes.

logo bebeautiful

The innovation in natural cosmetics

Orinoco nut and Brazilian pepper tree
With its high-quality Omega-3 fatty acids, the Orinoco nut has a positive influence on the release of the happiness hormone, dopamine. The Brazilian pepper tree also promotes the secretion of this hormone. Among other positive traits, dopamine improves blood circulation, giving you a more radiant appearance and that special “newly in love” appeal. In order to give your skin the necessary positive impulses, use it when you want to pamper yourself or in stressful situations during a strenuous work day or when travelling. Feeling at ease with yourself and good about your appearance will enhance your radiance even further.

Mineral shimmer particles
The subtle shimmer effect conceals small blemishes and wrinkles.

Natural scents
According to aromatherapeutic principles, the mixture of essential oils, isolated from vanilla, cocoa and bergamot, contributes towards the «bliss effect» of this line of products.

Bliss cream

Designed for when you want to give yourself a special treat.This exceptional cream caresses your skin and gives you a marvellous sense of well-being. With
extracts isolated from Orinoco nut and the Brazilian pepper tree and an addition of mineral shimmer particles. Enjoy a radiant appearance with that “There’s
something special about you…” appeal. Use it before a rendezvous, a meeting, while travelling or whenever you want to pamper yourself.

100% from natural origin– 95% of the
certifiable natural substances are organic

be beautiful cream

I REALLY enjoyed watching their video because it shows an authentic expression about the companies appreciation for nature and the creation of their products.

Even If you are not familiar with 'schwizerdütsch', here is your chance to listen to this unique, lovely language while watching vibrant swiss landscape in Piemonte.

FARFALLA even supports families in need with parts of their proceeds from the 'be beautiful' line.

Sounds all just GREAT to me! What about you? 

And please say hello to to Okka and Steffi

Happiness and JOY for SALE

05 01 2012 Market day


Believe me!

At the market, the flower stand, the grocery place...

What would the world be without...


I LOVE these Amaryllis - aren't they just AMAZING?

I'm totally o.k. with letting go of the Christmas decoration but I'm not willing to let go the hope of SNOW for this season...

And that's why I'm adoring these giant winter beauties so much right now.

Sorry you spring-promissing Tulips and Hyacinths  - it's just a bit too early for you...

So, PLEASE treat yourself to flowers - or even better: treat yourself and a stranger; maybe the nice woman who sells bread at market, your neighbor, your coworker...


More luck at Steffi's and Okka's