Permanent Marker DIY

27 06 2012 DIY

Would you like to do something really forbidden?


Then grab a permanent marker and draw ONTO - for example - a seat cushion!

Yes - your childhood desires are finally heard!

It might only work on cotton and you should protect the backside of your work with slipping a plastic bag between the layers of your piece so the colors won't bleed through to the back. I just left the foam inside and it worked fine.

After you are done drawing, sprinkle about 10 drops ( depends on the size of your design - I used a lot more for the large "flower") rubbing alcohol onto the middle of your finished design and watch the magic evolving and spreading right before your eyes. Let dry and iron or put in a dryer to heat set the colors.

Incredible fun and super easy. I just drew a very simple design but you can experiment with different shapes and colors.

If you try it please let me know - I would love to see YOUR design!

XOXO, Anette 

Knitted Cape Tutorial

04 06 2012 DIY

Summer went on a - hopefully little - break over here in northern Germany...brrrrrr - pretty cold right now. 

So I love even more having this lightweight scarf to cover my summer shoulders.

This little easy-to-knit capelet works also great in keeping your upper parts warm.

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Depending on the kind of wool you want to use cast on about + - 200 stitches using a circular needle. It's wise to make a little sample knitting and then have someone going around you measuring that line a bit above your elbows. You neither want a too lose fit nor shouldn't it be too tight because then you can't move your arms without pushing the cape up.

Knit around in garter stitch for about 20-23 cm. Next row you knit 2 , then 2 together, then knit 2, then 2 together...repeat until that row is finished. Knit about 15 cm more and knit an entire row always knitting 2 stitches together. Now knit the last 4-5 cm. Cast off very loosely.

I had to use some neon accent - this color just get's me in such a good mood! It's fun and summery and I really like the contrast to the linen with it's soft nude tone.

What about you?  Are you liking the neon fun?

Oh - by the way - the pattern works also very well with thick winter wool for a cozy chest warming cover. But who likes to think of winter right now...!?

Enjoy Summer!

XOXO, Anette