I Got Lucky!

11 07 2012 DIY

So happy I found this great idea!

My old beloved cashmere sweater had aged to a point where it started to decorate itself with holes at the elbows.

And even if the sweater is anyway no longer suitable for out and about, I still love to wrap myself in it on early chilly mornings. 

So comforting and the day is off to a good start. Kind of a ritual thing, I guess...

These needle felted patches are so quickly done and so fun to make.

Since one sleeve had a larger hole I had to put the clover leaf petals closer together on this side to fill the empty space. It worked well - you can see it on the picture which shows the backside/inside of the sleeve and where it's visible how nicely the wool closed the hole.

Sprinkle a bit water on your finished design to set the patch. 

My mornings got color... and luck! Love it! 

XOXO, Anette 

Leather Bracelet DIY

04 07 2012 DIY

Could someone PLEASE rescue me??? 

I have so much fun weaving these leather bracelets that I can't stop it!

In fact - I have so many by now that I'm happy to give some away.

So - If you like to have one let me know!  

(They are all gone - have fun wearing them...)

But if you rather get your own infection, here is how I made them:

(Don't say I haven't warned you....)

I got 1 meter long leather cord and cut it in half. This length fits my wrist nicely but you might want to start your first one with a longer piece to figure out your personal perfect length.

Next you need some sort of colored string and a bead with a large enough hole to fit all endings through. I got all supplies at my local crafts store.

Start folding your leather in an exact half. Tie your colored string around it with a knot to form a nice loop. Wrap around a few times making sure you tuck the endings. Cut off the rest of endings.

Now start weaving in a figure-8 pattern around your two leather cords. Stop a few inches from the end.

Again wrap a few times around tightly and secure with a knot. Place a drop of glue onto the knot and cut the string ends.

Add the bead and another knot - you are ready to go!!!

Another one, right?

XOXO, Anette 

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