A Visit To The Vikings

28 09 2012

Last April we went to Copenhagen as you might already now from my recent posts about it here and here. But I haven't shared pictures from our visit at the Viking Ship Museum located in Roskilde, a 45min car ride from Copenhagen.

Today Roskilde is famous for it's awesome rock festival but the Vikings liked the quaint little town for it's natural safe harbor bay.

The fierce Vikings sank five of their ships to the bottom of their bay to make it harder for attackers to make landfall. Those five ships - or what was left of them after 1000 years under water - were found in the end of the Fifties, brought to daylight again and all their pieces were put together again in years worth of effort to make a great exhibit - worth to be seen! 

Another sight to be seen were the temporarily - slightly more modern -  window paintings in the exhibition hall.

Aren't they cool? 

And all that comes with a really nice museum shop - where we right after buying it lost our precious rune-translation table again - who knows where to. Thankfully I did not buy those sweet little felt slippers - their loss would be harder to stomach :)

Have a great last September weekend!

Lots of Love, Anette 

Diamonds Are A Girls best Friend...

26 09 2012 DIY

Well - not really...but when I stumbled upon this 3D Diamond template I figured I could fold a big, fat copper gem.

I had left over foil from this DIY and managed to fold the shape but I have to say it's somewhat tricky with the thin metal sheet. It easily gets dings and marks where you don't want them and the whole piece seems to have a live on it's own. So, I really recommend using paper.

I have worked with diamonds creating jewelry in the early days of my business but I'm staying away from it since mining for diamonds is a really cruel and corrupt business in my view.

While there are supposed to be jewels from ethically ok mining projects I have not looked into that - because there are so many other beautiful materials to work and be creative with, just like the recycled silver that I use for my jewelry.

Sparkly moments for all of you - all my best, Anette

P.S. There is still time to participate in the braided rings GIVE AWAY!!!