Crochet - Bangle

24 12 2012 DIY

Save the ribbons!

For a fun and sparkly New Year's Eve Bling Bling. 

All you need is about 8-9 meters of gold or silver ribbon or cord, a crochet hook size 10mm or 12mm and a few minutes.

Chain about 16 to 20 (depends on the thickness of the ribbon and the size of your wrist and hand) and join with a slip stitch.

1st round:

slip stitch

2nd round: 

single crochet in back loops only

3rd round:

again single crochet in back loops only but skip along the round two stitches to create a nice arch.

Knot endings.

Pull and push gently to form a nice bangle.

e Voilá - PARTY!!!



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Warten - Waiting...

20 12 2012 DIY

... for Christmas was not really difficult at all this year because I participated in a wonderful idea called Adventspost.

24 Bloggers - 24 Advent-days - one for each to send 24 little handmade greeting cards to each of the other participants.

This way we were all greeted with magical little pieces of art each day!

Here is how our door looks so far:

Meanwhile all my family awaits the daily mail full of anticipation...

I got the 19...

...and transferred a copied beautiful tree illustration from an old Christmas piano music book I loved for years.

I used this medium to transfer the tree I had printed with the laser printer onto heavy weight watercolor paper. It worked very well. (Probably I could have printed the tree right onto the heavy paper, right? Don't know about these machines...) Well...

Then I colored the piece slightly and added some accents with oil pastel and my favorite neon pens. For the cooper stars I used this tape and imprinted the 19 with a round tipped tool.

Just a very few more days...

Have a happy day, there is more "waiting" today here,


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