6 Colorful Easter DIYs

29 03 2013 DIY
6 Easy Easter DIY projects

Since it's unfortunately still wintery where I live, I thought I round up 6 of my Spring/Easter DIY's in case you have to/want to stay inside quite a bit - like we will probably do most of the holiday time - and use your "Happy Busy Handwork Hands" :)

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Dip into Easter

Square Knit Bunny 2 

It sure looks like I really do have a thing for neon, don't I? :) 

Happy Easter,


Square Bunny Knit Pattern 2

12 03 2013 DIY

Is it possible to knit an even more simple Bunny than the one that hopped thru my blog last week?

Yes, it is! :)

Just knit a square in Garter stitch - any size you like.

I used grey mohair and doubled the thread.

(I am so lucky: always having helping paws at my side...)

square knit pattern bunny

Mark a triangle in one half of your square and with a middle size running stitch stitch along this shape.

Make sure to leave extra thread at the beginning and end of the running stitch because you will pull those endings.

Before you pull tight, fill the little bunny head with some wool or other stuffing.

Then secure with some knots.

See - it already looks cute... 

square knit pattern bunny square knit pattern bunny

Now stitch down the back. Fill the body with some more wool and close the seam all the way.

square knit pattern bunny

Then i did another running stitch up the back and pulled gently to form the body. Make a couple stitches at the neck to secure.

Shape those fluffy ears a bit to your liking and also secure with a few stitches. 

square knit pattern bunny

And now for the tail: I had planned a glitter-bobble but little grey bunny refused to hop along with that idea...

Oh well - It is fine with me.

See - already found something more appealing.

Off you go...sweet little fellow!

Knitted Bunny Tutorial

Happy Day,


Today is Creadienstag and Bunny is also hopping over to visit Natasha in Oz and Petals to Picots!YAY!