6 Questions About Travel

07 04 2013

asked by  "My friend from Zurich" .

They were my guests here at Lebenslustiger.com a while ago with a great post on how to spent a perfect day in Zurich and now they interviewed me:

- Luxury resort or adventure camp?

- White beaches or white mountains?

- Backpack or suitcase?

- Flip-flops, hiking boots or pumps?

- Fondest travel memory?

- These items are always in my luggage...

You can read my answers here

Many Thanks for this fun interview, Friends!

I am adding a few more Hawaiian memories - it used to be a short plane ride for us when we lived in California...


Kailua beach Oahu

Hawaiian Island Kauai

Na Pali coast Kauai

Happy Day,


Do You Love Sheep?

03 04 2013

Of course I didn't went up North to bring you just one picture of my beloved sheep friends...

Sheep in stable at the north coast of Germany

sheep in stable little lamb in stable

little lamb and mother sheep little lamb

little lamb and mother sheep

sheep family

black sheep

Aren't they adorable and so full of character?

I just love them!

Happy Day,