FFF - Always

28 06 2013

1.) Always nice? New tea-towels
2.) Always Saturdays? To market
3.) Always a good idea? Taking a break
4.) Always in your home? Wood
5.) Always? FFF :)

tea towl with birds and flowers, Geschirrtuch mit Blumen und Vögeln Market basket, Korbtasche orange

garden chair yellow, Gartenstuhl gelb Metall wooden bowl with legs, große Holzschale

Happy Weekend,


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27 06 2013

YES - For sure I can say that I have a lot "Wanderlust".

Wanderlust, Fernweh

I even lived abroad for nearly ten years and that was great.

But I also love coming home.

This special moment when the airplane gets thru the last clouds and you finally see the landscape underneath.

The accurate fields, the lush greenery, the tidy little villages with their neat gardens and houses - yes, all pretty cliché german - but for now it's home and it feels really good.

german landscape from above, Blick aus dem Flugzeug

What about you?

Are you "wanderlustig"? 

More Wanderlust today @Nic's

Happy Day,


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