Good Bye And Welcome

23 08 2013

Last cherries...

First warmer knitting project...

sweet cherries, Süßkirschen

Madeline Tosh knitting sweet cherries, Süßkirschen

Madeline Tosh knitting

sweet cherry pit, Kirschkern und Stiel

Happy Weekend,


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Happiness Or The Big Luck

22 08 2013

Nic is collecting "Glück" today.

In Germany this word has two meanings:

Happiness or luck.

I am very blessed to have happiness in my life. And I am very grateful for it.

Still I also like to search for it because it is a fascinating topic. I wrote about it here and here.

My biggest "luck": Our two wonderful children!

One already taler than me and the other one is getting closer, too. :)

Today I am also happy because I have been invited by Die Raumfee to talk about what "home" means to me.

Please visit Katja - I am revealing big news over there!

Thank you for having me, dear Katja!

Happy Day,


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