Knitted Dishtowel Tutorial

27 05 2014 DIY

Oh my - so far I owned only ugly kitchen towels!

I didn't even noticed that fact in my old kitchen but now I needed some pretty ones to hang up in my new kitchen.

I still love to use these crocheted chevron cotton dishcloths I made. They get even better and better every time after they have been in the washing machine so I thought I will make some dishtowels as well.

It's a very simple geometric knitted pattern which you can easily change to the size you need.

knitted dishtowel tutorial by

Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch

I used a 100% cotton yarn because I want to be able to wash it on a hot cycle.

For one towel you will need 100gr yarn with a length of about 170m and needle size 4.0 - 5.0 

I casted on 72 stitches.

That makes 7 times the geometrical pattern of 8 stitches plus the border of 8 stitches on each side. 9x8=72 stitches.

Before I started the pattern I knitted the bottom border.

My pattern drawing shows only the "right side" of the knitting.

~ means: knit on the right side and knit on the wrong side

V means: purl on the right side and knit on the wrong side

• means: knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side

I repeated the pattern 7 times and then did the top border. 

Then I used a natural undyed leather strap which I simply knotted through one of the stitches in the border.

Beforehand I washed the leather together with a piece of sample knitting to make sure it won't stain the knitting. 

Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch Knitted dishtowel tutorial, gestricktes Geschirrhandtuch

The grey painted wooden hooks are from HKliving and come with a screw and a screw anchor.

The large one measures 12x12cm and the small one 6x6cm.

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in purchasing a hook.

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PS. Today is Creadienstag

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Little Ikea-Hack: Marble Table

23 05 2014

Recently I bought the little tray-table from the famous  Ikea Bråkig Collektion .

We use it often - it's a cute, lightweight little table around the sofa or just next to the kids who often play on the floor.

Sometimes I thought, it's a bit too lightweight because playing kids don't always watch out...

The other day I needed the tray from the table to get some things organized in my jewelry workshop.

I looked at the now bare frame and thought, that a marble top would look really nice. I have a little marble crush for a while now and really wanted a piece to prepare and photograph food on it.

So I immediately contacted two local stonemason places and asked for an estimate on a 2cm "Bianco" marble plate with a 56cm diameter.

One said  €80 - the other €250.

Ok - that was easy!

The plate was ready to be picked up after a few days and fitted perfectely onto the wooden table frame. It has a nice, heavy weight but I am still able to quickliy lift it up and place it on my counter.

Kneading dough works wonderful on it and the plate wipes easily clean. I tested it here .

Two things I wish I had payed attention to:

- I actually wanted a much whiter piece of marble with just a few light grey strands than the one I got. So, if you are picky you have to go to the stonemasonry and look at the piece of marble before they cut it into shape. Since it's a natural stone all pieces are different!

- Also take a good look at the surface of the plate before it is been cut. Mine has some matte spots which are only visible at an certain angle against back-light but if you want to photograph on it, it can be disturbing.

Ikea-Hack Marble table, Marmortisch DIY

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