Crochet - Bangle

22 07 2014 DIY

I have shown this crochet bangle before but haven't done a full tutorial for it yet - so, here it is!

It's such an easy and fun little project - perfect for summer.

I like to crochet my bangles from fabric yarn because it's thick and gives the bangle a nice stability but it's still cotton and therefore feels cool to the skin. 

You could try to make it with several strands of regular cotton yarn - I think that would also be really pretty.

Just make sure your hook has the right size to create that extra chunky look.

Mine is size 12.75mm and you need about 10 meter of fabric yarn. 

crochet bangle tutorial by

crochet bangle tutorial by crochet bangle tutorial by

Depending on your hand and wrist size chain about +/- 20.

This crochet bangle shouldn't fit too loose nor too tight.

Making a bangle just takes minutes so you might need to redo it until you find the perfect chain amount for your hand. 

crochet bangle tutorial by crochet bangle tutorial by

After you did your chain simply join into a circle by placing a sc in the 1st chain.

Row 1

sc in each chain.

crochet bangle tutorial by crochet bangle tutorial by

Row 2:

sc but thru the back loop only. That creates a running ridge. 

crochet bangle tutorial by crochet bangle tutorial by

Row 3:

sc thru the back loop - skip two stitches in that last round to create a nice arch. (For example sc 7, than skip 1, sc 7, then skip 1 and finish the round)

Cut the yarn.

Now with your fingers or a needle weave the endings around and through the border stitches to create a smooth line.

Weave the endings further inside the bangle and finish with a little knot. Pull really tight and cut the endings.

crochet bangle tutorial by crochet bangle tutorial by

crochet bangle tutorial by

That's it!

Easy, right?

crochet bangle tutorial by

Happy Creadienstag,


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Grow An Avocado Seedling

15 07 2014 DIY

Well - lots of plant life lately on my blog...

It's been many many years since I have grown a seedling from an Avocado pit.

I actually don't even know anymore what happened to those plants from the past.

So we recently started a new little farm for my daughter to see.

It's such a fun project! She is used to see the bountiful farm stands with loads of avocados at California farmers markets so she started to worry when our pits showed the first leaves that we will soon have too many fruits... "What will we do with so many Avocodos?", she asked. :) Oh how I wish!

It would take about 10 years before the tree would bear fruits - if at all... besides the fact, that no avocado tree will grow in Germany.

But you can still grow a nice little house plant. 

You have probably done it before so I won't write down the details. There are lots of "how to" instructions  online  - also on Pinterest.

Just a few tips from me:

- use only nice plump pits from really ripe avocados

- some of ours were already a bit cracked open and I think that helped speeding up the process though it still does take a while until first the roots and then the seedling shows

- I didn't change the water daily - just from time to time but I made sure there were always enough water for the pit to sit in

I could cut mine back to 3 inches now to make the stem stronger but it seems quite harsh so I am reluctant.

And they are ready to move to a pot of soil now. The pit should be half covered in soil.

How to grow an Avocado from a seed

How to grow an Avocado from a seed

Have you ever grown an avocado plant from a pit?

Happy Day,


P.S. Today is Creadienstag

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