Kinda True...5

30 09 2014


Sounds like a good place to sit, right?

I found this quote on Pinterest

and it's from the blog So Shay .

I actually hadn't heard the word BOMBDIGGITY

before, so I goggled it.

Does it mean some sort of "super awesome"?

And the quote has a "great-time-all-is-well" kinda meaning?

Then let's all sit down at this corner :)

I am definitely having a good time right now.

Lots of work in my studio, thats why it's a bit quiet here on the blog.

My chunky knitted hat is a bomb in my shop with many orders on it.

Very grateful for that. 

Back to this quote: I really like the watercolor writing and want to try it too.

Here and here are great tutorials.

I just have to find time to do it...

Happy Day,


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Hello Autumn

23 09 2014
Hello Autumn

I didn't make it to MacroMonday @ Steffis' yesterday,

but Autumn is patient and knows, its time will come for sure - sooner or later :)

Happy Day,


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