You can learn Happiness...

12 12 2012

… theoretically yes, but also in practice, indeed you do have to practice, because happiness does not just happen :)

With that I have a few thoughts, links and stimulating questions for you today:

Of course you heard or read this or that about it already - happiness is clearly no recent invention...

But it is a good time to be reminded of that in this frantically "contemplative" time.

The streets are full, the checkout queues long, the shops full of people...

Merry Christmas...

I myself am a rather impatient type, therefore situations like holiday shopping make me go crazy.

But you can use those little pauses of waiting being forced on you for good thoughts instead of b*tching and moaning about them.


- Why am I hectic if I have to wait somewhere?

- Do I do that perhaps only because I always did?

- Do I want to impress myself with being super busy with everything I got to do?

- Do I want to impress others with my busy-ness and full schedule?

- Do I really like this, do I want this? Or should I not simply admit that this - here is a German word for you: "Verplantheit" - this being-over-scheduled actually blows big time?

- In reality I do not have to want to do everything, have everything, master everything...

- Perhaps I must make a few clear decisions about what's really important and what is not.

(If decisions are hard for you, you can use a few props as proxies, and place them around you in the room, look at them, weigh them - sounds funny, but does totally work)

- Having a plan is good - though it is even better to have a plan B...

- Happiness always comes paired with not-so-happiness, with times when you are simply not up to practicing happiness - settling for serenity, relaxing maybe with a good book on the subject?

- "Mein Glückspilztrainer" (My Trainer for Happiness)

- "Was aber ist Glück?" (What is happiness?)

- "Mein Glückstrainingsbuch" (My happiness training book)

- "Glück, The world book of Happiness"

Also for children:

- "Ein kleines Stück vom Glück" (Christmas book)

- "Heute bin ich..." (Today I am ..)

- "Die Glücksfee" (The Happiness Fairy)

- "Glück, was ist das?" (Happiness, what is that?)

- "Was, wenn ich nicht der wäre, der ich bin?" (What if I were not who I am?)

And here is an add-on link to my  last post about strenght of character: the character test of the University of Zürich.

I myself am now quite through the test - it is very good and telling, but also quite extensive. Maybe something for the holiday down time? There is a test for adults and one for children!

Have a happy day,


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