Square Bunny Knit Tutorial

05 03 2013 DIY

Knitted Bunny Tutorial

Oh hello there sweet bunny!

Where are you going?

Please stay to play... 

I got introduced to this pattern back when my children were young and attending a Waldorfschool preschool program in California.

Do you remember Bunny's friends the lambs? They love to play together... 

I looked the pattern up and found one at Heart String Fiber Arts

If you like to play too, then start by knitting a square in stockinette stitch.

Mine was about 26cmx26cm.

Mark all the measurements with some pins.

With some thread sew with long stitches in a semicircle from A to A' as shown above.

Gather this seam and tie ends in a square knot. 

I used some wool to stuff the head but you could use any filling from the craft store.

Now sew the chin closed. 

Next starting from point B sew the edges together until points A and C meet to form a front leg.

Same with the other front leg.

Then starting from point E sew the edges together until points F and D meet.

Same on the other side. 

Fill the body with wool - not too much - not too little...knead your new little friend into a nice shape.

Sew tummy seam closed 

Do you feel and see how it comes to life? :)

Bend Bunny's hind legs forward and sew them to it's tummy with just a few stitches.


Can't hear you yet...

Cast on about 5 stitches and knit a few rows in stockinette again (it automatically forms a beautiful curved line).

I did about 6 rows and then started to decrease 1 in every row until I had only 2 stitches left and a nice tip.

Pin and then sew the ears to the head.

I made a little fur ball from a piece of fur my neighbour gave me as a tail but a little bobble or some soft roving would be cute too.

Have fun together and hop along to easter... 

Today is Creadienstag and also Upcycling - Dienstag

Happy Creative Day,