What cats can teach us

02 06 2011 Happy World

I didn't tell you that i did a crazy thing last fall, right?

Well, i visited my dear dear friend Lisa in her Lucky Cupcake wonderland (website soon to come to life :) )located in the beautiful little city of Nelson in breathtaking British Columbia, Canada. (I will tell you more about the road trip we did there in one of the next posts)

Guess what i carried home in my hand luggage departing Canada: Two baby kitty boys born and raised by Lisa's family cat Bunny - at that time living in a total construction zone as Lisa was remodeling her house.

No. One is called Piko. Actually, he is number last, because he is the runt of the litter. Totally dressed in black with a tiny white spot on his chest. He also owns a set of some funny looking teeth...

No. Two is called Blitzi. A long and dense haired, pewter colored fur ball. The "dashing brother".

Oh, and YES, before you ask - there ARE little cat's available in Germany, too...... BUT, i am a thousand percent sure, not as content as our two little guys. Maybe it's because of the noise they were born into or young, but totally devoted Mama "Bunny" caring and nursing them beyond  "normal" timely matter - just nothing seems to throw those boys out of their blissful flow.

Here is Piko. Your completely relaxed "Surfer - Yoga - Hey, what's up dude ?" kinda guy. If you pick him up - something he would always invite you to do - there would be no body tension whatsoever: Piko just LETS GO. Eyes half shut - 100% trusting the universe that all is JUST FINE. What an example for all of us!  And of course, he is purring his song - ALWAYS. I spotted him the other day in the garden; wandering and exploring natures exciting creatures WHILE purring. I bet, he was humming a Jack Johnson song...

And then Blitzi : outrageously beautiful, glamorous and fancy. Our top model so to speak. He actually walks like one, too - moving his little butt from side to side, walking sloooowly, making sure EVERYONE is noticing him and his attitude. He is the constant reminder that you have to have some beauty in your life to marvel about. It' s inspiring and uplifting -  a gorgeous creation of nature to look at. Blitzi is sweet and kind - persistent and ambitious about his ideas that he wants to see coming alive.... means: mostly food ideas though.....

But these two brothers would not be able to perform a perfect "boy group" without their great grand leader - our beloved, adopted, ever so gentle and loving California boy named Mika.

He's the glue of the gang - and maybe the biggest inspiration in this story - a tireless caretaker, the "make sure everybody gets home on time" guy - never asking anything in exchange. He loved the little ones from the very first moment of introduction. What a BIG, LOVING heart - AMAZING!