I Did It!

18 03 2013

Is there something you are thinking about to try out for the first time?

Or something you did or had long time ago and it is still a good memory in your head?

You should definitely do or get it (again)!

Maybe it is a habit, or a friend you haven't seen for quite a while, a place you used to frequent, food you once ate all the time, family traditions you have loved so much or a sport you did when you were a child.

The latter is the one I did yesterday.

YES!!! I got on that horse and is was WONDERFUL.

People told me it is like riding a bike - you still know what to do - but I really wasn't sure at first.

But after a few minutes I indeed felt home again!

I do some sports but horseback riding is so different from all I do because there is this sweet partner.

And that means you have to focus. And I really like that fact.

I had to fully concentrate on what we two were doing because when I normally work out I usually think of the thousand things I have to do once I am done.

Unfortunately "Vicki" had an ouchy yesterday (not my fault!!!) and my new partner will be Haflinger "Morris".

He is even prettier than Vicki (sorry Vick!) with its long long mane.

Hope I can do some more pictures today - It snowed AGAIN all night up here at the North Sea in Germany... 

Happy Monday and please share your experience with my topic if you like.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading along.