11 04 2013

Literally translates to "joke-cookie" and in Germany means someone, who is or acts funny in a special way. Often used with an ironic undertone.

I am really not sure, if there is an english word or phrase for this.

Please let me know, if so.

O.k. - looking at this sheep I would say we have more of an involuntary "joke-cookie" here.

funny sheep

But who knows for sure, right?

Maybe a sheep with humor?

But definitely an excellent, smart, fast and fun technique to change direction if you are a sheep on a levee.

Speaking of fun:

Today I read the following blog description I found in the net:

"A blog about horses, flowers and deco with enormous pictures."

They were talking about me! :) 

Now I finally know what to answer if I get asked what i actually do on this blog thing.

"Hello - my name is Anette and I blog about horses, flowers and deco. With enormous pictures."

By the way: I really think, it is not o.k. that they forgot to mention my lovely sheep friends, don't you think as well?

"Welcome to - your trusted happy little farm blog. Please take a seat on one of our 

nicely decorated hay bales and enjoy the ride." 

Happy Day - more "joke-cookies" @ Nic today.