What Is Bookcrossing?

29 04 2013 Thinking About

Bookcrossing is a worldwide forum for book reading, book exchange and releasing books!


So - here is what happened.  

Helga from Holunderblütchen found this absolutely adorable little book called "Elfi und Schmalzmann auf Wanderschaft" while jogging in a park.

Someone had put it in a bag and hung it on a tree so it could be found. By Helga.

And after Helga enjoyed it she decided to sent the book on a "blogger-journey" and I was next! 

The small book is written in 1957 and tells about everyday life of a family that raises pets and rescues wild animals in their apartment!

Sounds - äh - a bit strange - but it really is a treasure with its black and white photographs and the glimpse into life short after war.

It brought many fond childhood memories back to me because my father raised a lot of animals too when my brother and I were young in the sixties and seventies.

As much as I would love to keep the book forever I will of course honor Helgas idea and send it to the next blogger: Holunder

Andrea lives in the south of Germany at beautiful Bodensee and loves animals and nature.

The book will be in good hands...

cherryblossom black/white photography of a black cat

                                                                                               (with friendly permission of Franckh-Kosmos publishing) 

Happy Day,