Have You Ever Tried To Pitch Your Work?

14 05 2013

Today I am happy because:

We have lots of rapeseed fields around our little village here in northern Germany and all are in full bloom right now.

So so pretty yellow! Very cheerful and summery - unfortunately it does not last for very long. 

rapeseed field in northern Germany, Rapsfeld in Norddeutschland

I am also happy because "Mollie Makes" will feature one of my pictures with a DIY as a full page image in their next issue Nr.28, which is on sale 7th June 2013.

Then HuffPost Home featured my Washi-Tape Tealights here.

And Leif Gallery from Brooklyn/New York ordered some of my jewelry for their online shop. (You can not see my pieces there yet - I still have to make them!)

I am really happy, because these good news happened without trying to pitch my blog or my work to these people. They just found me.

I have pitched to big blogs before about 3-4 times in hope they might feature one of my pictures or projects but without any success. I actually never heard back from them.

If you are a blogger, have YOU ever tried to pitch to an editor or a famous blog? What are your experiences with it?

Do you have an interest to be featured somewhere else to get more readers and better ranking?

Or would you rather let things evolve naturally or is it less important to you? 

Please share your thoughts if you like. Thank you so much!

Happy day,


P.S. And since all of this is pretty much "Girl's stuff" I will send this post also over to Nic's weekly collection.