The Hive

28 05 2013

Early Saturday morning I rushed to Berlin to attend the European Blogger conference "The Hive".

Here is what Peggy of "Paula et Paula" and Yvonne of "The girl in the laundromat" - the two bloggers who came up with the whole buzz say about their event - and yes; I think their words sum it up pretty well!

"The Hive is a buzzing place, where bloggers big and small and of all kinds get together with like minded people and marketers, who want to understand and work with bloggers.

Speakers will help you see how ou can make your blog better, bigger or prettier. We talk blogging for business, we talk blogging simply for fun. We talk about protecting your work and how your blog can support your work.

The Hive also provides the place to meet the people behind the blogs, you have been following. Offline and in person."

The Hive - European blogger conferenz

Yes, I really had a lot of fun meeting new bloggers and seeing again many bloggers I have come to know and like online.

Look at these fun shoes! They were combined with a cheerful blue striped dress and there is only one person who always dresses in such wonderful and happy combinations: It's Anna DaWanda Sterntaler! I love her style!

The Hive - European Blogger conferenz Anna DaWanda Sterntaler

Of course I also enjoyed the many talks.

I especially loved the gorgeous Tina Fussel of Travelling Mama.

She talked about blogging for the fun of it and how she sees her blog as a portfolio for her and her husbands work as photographers.

Her take on how to balance blogging around family life was very inspirational.

Tina Fussel of Traveling Mama The Hive - European Blogger Conference

Also Deborah of Kickcan&Conkers. "La vie est belle - oh yeah"

OH YEAH! - She is such a lovely and kind person - living in the South of France with her family.

She told us how she grew her community with Pinterest and Co and how she searches for new and interesting items on Etsy and similar sites.

I think I will try to look a little bit into searching for interesting and fun stuff too because it is a nice way to keep a blog fresh and surprising for readers AND you support another artist.

Just read her advice below and you can imagine how wonderful her talk was. 

Deborah Beau of Kickcan&Conkers Deborah Beau of Kickcan&Conkers

The Hive - European Blogger Conference The Hive - European Blogger Conference

This is Desiree of Vosgesparis (who organized a Give Away with one of my necklaces last Christmas on her blog) -  talking all business and how to get where the big blogs are...unfortunately I could not listen to her because many talks were happening simultaniously and you had to choose which talk you wanted to attend. 

AND my highlight of the conference: 


I will tell you about in my next post... :)

Happy day,