12 From 12 August

12 08 2013

Miss Kännchen collects 12 pictures on the 12th of each month.

Today I...

...greeted our cat-boy Pico outside on the stairs.

...greeted the morning sun.

...greeted the signs of late summer.

...greeted new additions to the shop.

...greeted the market lady and bought sun flowers

...and zucchini flowers.

...and raspberries.  

...greeted my happy daughter after her very first day at the new school.

...greeted and thought about kindness. A lot.

...greeted and worked on a new blog post - soon online! 

...greeted Lucas and watched Jette practicing jumping. 

...greeted tiredness :)

black cat, Schwarze Katze sunrise in northern Germany, Sonnenaufgang in Norddeutschland

straw bales in northern Germany, Strohrollen in Norddeutschland rosé-gold necklace with moonstone, Roségoldkette mit Mondstein

sun flowers, Sonnenblumen zucchini flowers, Zucchiniblüten

orange raspberries, orangene Himbeeren joy jumping in the sky, Luftsprung vor Freude

kindness, Freundlichkeit gypsetter

pony jumping, Springreiten yawning cat, gähnende Katze

Happy Day,