Please say hello to happy, fun loving tiger!

07 07 2011 Happy World
Right in time before i leave for vacation...

Ladies and Gentlemen - may I introduce:

Here comes happy, fun loving tiger!

Your cheerful, dreamy, relaxed, completely satisfied and jolly tiger friend - always curiously willing to jump from one adventure to another.

Happy about any communicative or silent companion to come along on his travels through the (flower)- universe, around the sun and other known and unknown areas.

Karin Baetz, genius illustrator from Berlin, birthed him. Her wonderful drawings can be found on postcards, books, breakfast sets and probably much more fun places. Brand new - and highly recommended - is her "chill mal dein Leben " - card set. I just love her funny little - oh so adorable creatures - who comment life and peddle wise messages
in such a fun style, providing a great humorous way to look at life's twists and turns and ups and downs.

Take a look and laugh heartily : karindrawings! and her Blog: happy wall!