Locally grown

19 07 2011 Market day

 Hawai'i is the newest of the 50 US states (since 1959) and just like in big Mama country, one can find burgers and fries on every - o.k. friends - second corner.

That fact generates an interesting question : WHAT to eat then???

Easy answer: Raw foods!!!

Next to famous Ahi 'Poke' - raw tuna marinated with soy sauce, spices, onions or seaweed - and shops who cater to the ambitious raw food enthusiasts with raw pizza, crackers and more good stuff like this raw coconut lime cake,

i personally think, delicious fresh fruit is THE way to go on the islands!

Fruit in tropical abundance - locally grown pineapples ( Hawai'i is also known as the 'Pineapple-State'),

locally grown Mangoes (growing on REALLY tall, big trees),

and - my favorite - locally grown Papayas (extremely enzyme rich),

as well as locally grown lilikoi,




just to name a very few.....

Did you actually know, that the black Papaya seeds are edible?

Their look not only reminds of black Peppercorns - their taste does too!

You could actually dry and grind them for a Pepper replacement. Here on the islands, they like to make a really tasty papaya-seed-salad-dressing.

I just love to eat a few of them along with the golden, soft - oh so yummy - flesh right out of the skin. HMMMM......

Food is ready.....