From Village Cat to City Cat - Is That Possible?

17 02 2014

Now it's getting more and more uncomfortable in our old apartment each day.

Many things are already packed and huge piles of boxes are waiting for the move to the city apartment end of this month. 

I started to worry about our three cats.

Of course they will move with us - we would NEVER leave them!!!

We have one older cat we brought from California when we relocated back to Germany.

He chooses to stay inside most of the time and only goes outside for a few minutes.

Not the right climate for a californian boy :) (He doesn't even bother growing winter fur...)

He loves to run and play in the hall - we call it his daily workout - and he is a really happy and healthy guy.

Our other two cats are brothers which I brought home three years ago as babies from a trip to canada.

Both love to go outside spending the night hunting and I would really like for them that they can keep doing that.

Right now I can't imaging keeping them inside only.

When I drive by our new place I sometimes see cats on the sidewalk.

It's a quiet neighborhood in this anyway small city with old, beautiful gardens and a little park near by but we won't have a garden to ourselves.

Plus we will move to 1st floor and will share our entrance with three other families.

I guess it will be crucial if those three families will like cats or not.

Wish us luck... 

Do you have any experiences with turning village cats into city cats? 

Cats on a table, Katzentisch

Well - and as you can see we are still working on this obedience thing...

Happy Day,