21 03 2014

I guess carnations are one of those flowers many people have mixed feelings about.

Yes - they have an really old-fashioned image for some of us but on the other side, there is no such thing than "old-fashioned" any more.

These days EVERYTHING is possible. Doesn't matter if talking about interior design or fashion or lifestyle.

Mixing styles from different times and parts of the world - being open for whatever crosses your path - results in a unique and eclectic style representing your personality.

And even if you like to surround yourself in one harmonious style, flowers and plants can be an easy way to temporarily bring a little change to a room.

I really like seeing the house plant trend on blogs and Pinterest and all over the net right now.

I also like carnations - especially if they are still fragrant. :)

Thank's to the #2flowergirls announcement I got reminded of them because carnations will be the flowers for their March styling photo project.

They are hard to find in a flower shop but later in the year you can get the small varieties for the garden or a pot and those usually smell amazing.

These ones from the picture were fragrant and I photographed them in my new studio space.

It's exciting to get to know the new light situations in our new appartement. 

house plant trend

house plant trend

house plant trend

house plant trend

Happy Friday,