Wonder-Tree - Tree-Wonder

13 08 2012 Thinking About

The Moreton Bay Fig Tree is a well known fixture and one of the oldest living things in the city of Santa Barbara, as well as the nation's largest of it's kind. The tree is located closely to the train station, highway and downtown.

It has a span of over 160 feet and provides more than 21,000 square feet of shade - enough shade to cover about 16.000 people(!) - with it's uniquely shaped tree top.

These pictures show just a tiny little piece of it!

This HUGE tree is about 135 years old - a landmark and as such, obtains special treatment. From nourishment to help it grow, to protection under the law that insures it will not be cut down (well, i really, REALLY don't want to imagine that...).

Locals, visitors and kind-of-in-between-these-two-categories-people like me have come to know and LOVE this special tree.

But all of these above sentences are just 'facts'- the real wonder happens 'under' this beautiful giant.

An out of this world atmosphere , a perfect mixture of calming and nourishing vibes emanate from it's visible roots, it's immensely strong - in this form never seen - branches, it's wide, wide crown.

YES, this is a real inspiration!

Be deeply rooted, let some roots be present, strong core, reach out in an unique, authentic way, keep an wide open mind on top of that with lot's of room for all kinds of living beings and fun adventures crossing your path, stay calm and in the 'now', breathe and THEN: KEEP GROWING...

Have a great Monday, Anette