Please come upstairs

20 08 2012 Happy World

.... to visit "Upstairs" with me!

You will find this nice shop in Montecito, the upscale neighborhood of Santa Barbara, which is home or at least second, third or fourth home to more or less famous people.

Upstairs is located above a fun clothing store, so you get to check out at least two great shops when you come out here...

But let's focus upstairs now:

I love to come here in the morning hours with enough time to wander thru their spacious rooms while it's still quiet.

The very friendly staff let's you roam free, which i always appreciate in this kind of shops, to discover all the great little and big goodies. If you need help, they are of course happy to assist you.

The shop is an eclectic mix from all over the world - esthetically decorated in an inspiring way.

It's a bit like traveling to different country's ... cozy throws from Peru, handmade items from Africa and much, much more...DID i already tell you, that i love traveling?

Here are my favorites from my recent visit:

colorful rugs and throws                                                     colorful covers

colorful comforters

colorful papers

color your life!!!

XOXO, Anette