Yogatta do some swimming

21 08 2011

Oh have i been longing to go to a great yoga class for more than a year now!

Since we moved to a remote little country village in northern Germany, my yoga class mates are:

- a mat

- one to three cats watching me and this mat

- music

That's it!

So, for the time I'm visiting Santa Barbara, I try to escape to a yoga class in my favorite studio as often as possible to spark and renew my motivation and to seek fun ideas and inspirations for my home practice.

Well - big surprise!

While I was gone, many yoga teachers in this town have miraculously changed into swim teachers these days.

(For following this article it's important that you keep in mind that I did NOT attended a single Bikram yoga class while visiting Santa Barbara and that you remember, it's August in Southern California while I'm writing this...)

The teacher heats the room to a sauna-like temperature, takes great care that all windows and doors are securely shut and starts guiding- already breathless- yogis through 50+ Chaturangas on their slippery mats who try to keep up while diving through puddles and lakes built of their own SWEAT.

I do understand, that it might be beneficial to release toxins with the sweat and experience a "deeper" practice with those already half cooked muscles BUT is that REALLY fun???


I need FRESH air! Yoga is about LIBERATION!

Let's go to the beach - AHHHH - what a wonderful, refreshing and FREE feeling...

Sometimes you have to take a BIG jump and free yourself from what everybody else is doing and thinking.

Find YOUR 'mojo' and restore your inner freedom.