My Experience With A 21 Day Cleanse

02 04 2015

In the beginning of March I went on a 21day cleanse.

I decided to do it because I had slowly gained more and more weight over the past years so I couldn't even close the button on my ski-pants this past winter.

A friend of mine have had great success with this 21 day cleanse so I decided to give it a try too.

The program is a bit like the Hcg-diet but without injections. I would never do something like that!

But the calorie restrictions are high and you are only allowed to eat certain vegetables (as much as you want though during a meal) and 120gr protein per meal.

I know there are lot's of warnings out there to not do a crash diet like this but in my opinion it depends on the knowledge you already have about nutrition and exercise.

If you don't have a clue about nutrition and why you have gained more weight than you want, you should invest a lot time into learning about health and fitness and you then should probably take a slow approach to introduce and learn correct eating habits. 

I have been into nutrition and health for about 30 years now. Partly even professional.

My family and I already eat very clean and simple with lots of vegetables and only very little processed foods. Wherever possible organic and local. 

So why did I gained weight then? 

Because I love to eat, I didn't exercise enough and I am 48 years old.

In this age group an average woman's metabolism allows only an intake of 1300kcal a day!

Everything above that number will slowly lead to weight gain if you don't exercise enough.

And please - how little are 1300kcal??? That's nothing! Pretty frustrating and the older you get the smaller this number will become...

Anyway - I went on the cleanse and it wasn't as hard or difficult as I thought.

Sure the first days were hard because you suddenly realise, that 21 days are quite a long time.

I also had a bit of headache from detoxing in the first days.

But it all got better and I lost about 5kg of weight.

I had wished for more but even though I did not cheat at all, it didn't happen.


So what did I eat?

I had a Life Plus shake in the morning and usually a red pepper salad dressed with just herbs and good balsamico and a piece of lean protein (meat, fish, cottage cheese, egg whites ) for lunch.

For dinner I steamed up vegetables - often my favorites fennel and zucchini and again some protein. Super fast to make!

You can eat as much of the vegetables as you like during a meal so you don't have to be hungry.

It's just hard to wean off the carbs - especially if you have to watch the rest of the family eating them... 

No snacks in-between! It helped me tremendously to keep the meals at exactly the same time and also have a routine during the day and an early bedtime. Breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm. Luckily for most of the 21 days that was possible but of course there are always days with appointments, travels, parties etc. and then you have to plan ahead but hey - it's possible and it's only for 21 days and not forever!

I was surprised to see, that I am actually able to be ok without snacks and want to try to stick to this now that the cleanse is over. I will also try to make it more of a priority to have the meals ready at a certain hour so I can really look forward to it and know how long until I will eat again.

I hope this helps with maintaining my actual weight.

I am even thinking to add another 21 day after easter!

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Happy Day,