Surprise package for you!

28 10 2011 Thinking About

Steffi and Okka had a great idea!

Every Friday they pack a virtual package full of joy and fun for their readers and they invite other bloggers to be part of it.

SO - here is mine for you and yours...

This time: full of questions!

- is it o.k to love sheepskin? Or is the correct answer: "WHAT? NO...I don't think it's real... got it from Ross..." 

- with so much ethical incorrectness on my plate - shouldn't I exclusively eat vegan or vegetarian?  

- or at least - get an iPad App? from Donna Hay? 

- could I actually wash my guilt away? 

- and when I'm all nice and clean, can I please take a seat here

- will I be able to finally treat my family to a cake from Leila ?

- or do I rather start a new knitting project?

- what questions will travel with you on this weekend?

Have a GOOD one!