Genius Grey

02 12 2011 Thinking About

What about YOUR grey levels these days?

Are you as crazy as me after this genius color?

Grey boots - grey parka

Grey for: the toes -  the skin - the food - the touch...

Grey walls, grey bathtubs,...


NO limits for all shades of grey... 

Preferably soft - chalky - matt - haptic


Not at all!

Because grey's greatest genius is it's ability to let all other colors illumine.

Skyblue couldn't be more breathtaking than seen through a grey cloud - Yellow couldn't look more joyous - soft natural tones couldn't gain a smarter effect without this relaxed companion GREY.

Rest and Movement

Silence and hubbub

Sun and Moon

Water and Land

Yin and Yang 

A Question of BALANCE

My wish for you and yours: A peaceful, happy and well BALANCED Holiday season - at least as much as possible...

XOXO, Anette