Christmas Raffle

07 12 2011 Happy World
Believe it or not - I really never had a cup of coffee in my life!
As a kid I couldn't even stand the smell of coffee!
Since then, I watched oceans of coffee draining down my friends and family and by now I really love to sit - still NOT to drink though - down with company having a Latte Macchiato.
Coffee in a glass looks pretty, cozy AND chic! ( how often does that happen together?...) 
So - you could say, that coffeewise I'm kind of strange and somewhat socially challenged - I hope only in this direction...
First it wasn't even obvious - it rather came in handy - because when we were 12/13 years old, these little tea sets came on the market: round teapot, preferably with blue - probably lead heavy - glaze, Raffia wrapped handle and six small tea cups. 
WOW! We were soooo hip - drinking bad quality, chemically flavored black tea from cups WITHOUT handles. It couldn't get cooler than that…
Do you remember?
The difficulties began with moving into our first apartment and the nice sentence (and still to this day, this sentence instantly lets me start sweating...): "We should have coffee together", proclaimed by friendly neighbors.
"Yeah, sure ... Hmmm - it's just Um, I, uh ,…"
What could I possible say without being the spoilsport???
And it wasn't getting any better... Intellectual health consciousness wasn't invented in university back in those times and how uncool were black-tailed lectures without an - then fashionable - Espresso?
Only when relocating to beloved health fanatic Santa Barbara, California, I was greeted with admiration instead of being suspiciously ogled because of my weird taste... At least in Waldorf and Yoga circles people were very busy going "off coffee"... Optionally also in connection with "off gluten, off sugar, off meat, off drugs "…)
So I can assure credibility: I've been drinking lots of tea so far and I am really entitled to judgment!
Thanks to SONNENTOR  I have a REAL Winter Tea-Treat GIVEAWAY for you:"Silent Night Tea"

A real treasure chest of four precious tea blends - highly aromatic - heavenly delicious...

When I opened a bag of "BRIGHT LIGHTS" for the shoot in order to photograph one of these wonderful little tea pyramids made from environmentally-friendly corn starch rather than despicable nylon...

... the air filled with irresistible scents of lemon balm, lemon verbena, Ceylon cinnamon, orange peel, star anise, vanilla bean, Greek mountain tea and rose petals.

Already a delicious hint - and NO surprise - the brewed tea is a dream!

Perfect for cozy winter hours and of course, perfect for Christmas! For you and for your loved ones... 

"Winter Delight", "Dancing Stars", "Sun of the Spirit", "Bright Lights": pure magic Tea-phantasy with either a green tea-, black tea-, white tea- or herb tea blend. 

Whom can we have a gift package "Silent Night Tea," plus a few EXTRA Sonnentor goodies rushed to? 

EVERY comment is participating in the raffle - we look forward to your thoughts!

For those of you who like to have a little suggestion: Imagine you would have such brilliant cute wings on your back. WHERE would you quickly vanish to for a little trip?