Optimal Ripeness Of A Mangosteen

27 04 2013 Market day

Here comes a little update to a picture I posted recently.

Some of you wrote to me that they have never seen a Mangosteen before or don't know where to find and how to eat it.

I bought mine at my local organic shop. It is a seasonal fruit therefore not year-round available. Asia-markets also often carry them - not sure about super markets because I barely shop there. There a some online companies who ship ripe tropical fruits right to your door - I already wrote here about it.

Mangosteen fruits are optimal ripe when then skin gives in a bit when pressing it gently with your fingers.

If the skin is hard, the fruit inside will be overripe and often not edible anymore.

I also prefer the smaller fruits of these anyway small fruits because they are even more aromatic.

Cut carefully around thru the thick skin to open the fruits and by using a spoon eat the white juicy segments right out of the skin.


Mangostane Mangostane

Happy Day,


Scallion Soup

03 10 2012 Market day

Honestly - I'm a bit  embarrassed  by the profanity of this post...

Since spring I wanted to tell you, that scallion soup is my absolute favorite soup and when I saw fresh local scallions again the last two weeks at farmers market, i thought "O.k. - now or never!"

Must be the second harvest cycle - the scallions don't look that perky and bright green like the spring ones do, but they are still delicious.

Maria from Austria "taught" me, how to make the soup. I would have never gotten the idea to just use plain scallions as the single ingredient for a soup.

Of course I know french onion soup with bread and melted cheese - but that's different.

Scallions soup is so much simpler - it's almost genius!

It's literally done in a very few minutes.

Take 3 bunches of cleaned and cut up scallions, roast for just a little bit (don't burn) in some olive oil, cover with water (I don't like the soup too thin) and season with powdered broth. Cook on low temperature until scallions are soft but still in pieces. (about 15min) DONE!


Bon Appetit, Anette